Volume 2 Issue 5

Perusing the necessity of Uniform Civil Code in light of Article 44

Author: Aanandita Aneja

Consumer Protection in the Digital Era

Author: P. Suvarna Durga

The Golden Triangle of Indian Constitution

Author: Icchha Tripti

The Global Rise of Populism and its Impact on Democracy

Author: Siddhartha Gupta

Live-In Relationships: Evolution and Emerging Trends

Author: Vanshita Singh Parmar

Cyber Crime: The Alarming Link Between Emerging Issues and Criminal Activities

Author: Sanchit Sehgal


Author: Bondu Vaagdevi

Sexual Harassment: My Body is not a Public Property

Author: Avula Harshitha

ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence) and its Legal Challenges for Businesses

Author: Medhavi Tiwari

Marital Rape

Author: Advaith Sriram

Violence Against Women During Armed Conflict in Northeast Region

Author: Ranichianik Chenika C Marak

Forensic Evidence in Criminal Trial: Through the Lens of DNA, Fingerprint, and Ballistics

Author: Sriparna Pal

Accusations of Witchcraft and Human Right

Author: Sakshi Kulkarni

Unfair Trade Practices and its Impact on India: An analytical study

Author: Rahul Sankar R

International Perspectives on Protective Justice for Rape Victims

Author: Aditya Pola

Menace of Honour Killings: Exploring the Intersectionality of Caste and Khap Panchayats

Author: Rahul Rajkumar 

Surrogacy Flaws and Pitfalls

Author: Nandana Arun

Incentive Behind the Religious and Communal Violence in India

Author: Lakshyadeep Verma

Emerging Trends of Crime Victim Compensation in India

Author: Asfiya Anjum

Balancing Copyright Law and Free speech: Navigating the intersection

Author: Alvin Paul P S

Regulatory Concerns Regarding Cryptocurrency: A Comprehensive Analysis

Author: Muhammed Faraz

Tribal Rights Under Major Indian Regulations: A Comprehensive Analysis

Author: Athul Ajas

Rape Victims: Their Rights, Procedure and The Barriers in Acquiring Justice

Author: Krishnaveni A Panicker 

Basic Fundamentals of CrPC

Author: Nitish Tiwari

The Globalisation of Crimes

Author: Reshma Suresh

Decriminalize Section 309 of Indian Penal Code – Attempt to Suicide

Author: Sreepriya Venugopal

Social Dialogue- Formalising the Pre-Defined Labour Conditions

Authors: M. Madusubaasini and Lakshmi Pooja K 

Enforceability of Arbitration Clauses in India: On its Constricted Application and Stifled Scope

Author: Ira Kamat


Author: Shubhankar Kamal

Is Collegium System Alien to the Constitution

Author: Aastha Bansal