Volume 2 Issue 1

Women’s Position After Marriage

Author: Prathyusha Royal

Abstract: In all the identity documents and forms that are issued by government it still feature a “Father’s/Husband’s Name” section. The issue with such a mention is only a women is treated as a “wife of” somebody after marriage but nowhere in the documents it is mentioned as “husband of” somebody. This is a violation of equality based on gender. A man doesn’t change any of his identities even after the marriage and a woman is always supposed to do so. Women right from their birth were identified with their father’s surname and later after marriage their identity is based on their husband’s surname. This idea of changing the maiden names and replacing it with husband’s surname emanates from age old patriarchal society where wives had no recognition except as a “wife of X”. The wife was considered to be the husband’s possession and right up to the late 19th-century.