Volume 2 Issue 1

Women’s Position After Marriage

Author: Prathyusha Royal

Abstract: In all the identity documents and forms that are issued by government it still feature a “Father’s/Husband’s Name” section. The issue with such a mention is only a women is treated as a “wife of” somebody after marriage but nowhere in the documents it is mentioned as “husband of” somebody. This is a violation of equality based on gender. A man doesn’t change any of his identities even after the marriage and a woman is always supposed to do so. Women right from their birth were identified with their father’s surname and later after marriage their identity is based on their husband’s surname. This idea of changing the maiden names and replacing it with husband’s surname emanates from age old patriarchal society where wives had no recognition except as a “wife of X”. The wife was considered to be the husband’s possession and right up to the late 19th-century.

Trial by Media: Hinderance to Justice

Author: Pragya Panta

Abstract: Media, which is supposed to act as a pillar for upholding democracy, can be observed to have been attacking the very core of system i.e. The judiciary. While dispatching breaking sensational news, they tend to forget the basics of journalism which relies on truthful and unmanipulated information to the public. Instead of promoting rule of law they are seen to attack the basic principles of laws and totally disrespect the rights of the defendants in a legal trial. In this light, this paper seeks to highlight some overarching actions of the media, which not only pressurizes the courts, parties, and public but leads to total hindrance of justice and promotes the term ‘Trial by media’.

Mob Lynching in India

Author: Sonali Venkatesh and Mohammed Atif

Abstract: In India, over the last decade, we have been mumbling upon Mob lynching cases which has exponentially increased since 2014. Although such crimes affect the society at large leading to communal conflicts, very few acknowledge its real role in the society. The intensifying cases alert the dire need of awareness amongst us. This article aims to brief upon the concept of Mob Lynching in India by wrapping up its menace based on real incidents, operative measures like existing and proposed laws, campaigns available to combat it, the need, scope, and the suggested improvements as per the Supreme Court guidelines.

The Central Vista Project

Author: Harshita Dixit

Abstract: Central vista project is an ambitious project of the NDA government at the Centre, which aims to redevelop a 3.2-km stretch called the Central Vista that lies at the guts of Lutyens Delhi built by the Britishers within the 1930s. The architecture of the present Parliament House of India is inspired from Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple.

Language and Artist’s Vision – Churuli’s Defence

Authors: Ananda Padmanaban Suresh and Aryan R Nair

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a multitude of changes to the cinema industry – the means through which people consume content and the dialogue among the moviegoers about various movies after its release all went through substantial changes. One such movie which stirred a discussion among moviegoers is Churuli, released on 19th November on Sony LIV. The movie received strong criticism from a group of people who claimed that the language in the movie outrages the modesty of women and children.

Critical Reflection Paper on Denial of Abortion by Indian Courts to Minor Rape Victims

Author: Sana Riyas

Abstract: A woman’s reproductive rights should lie solely in her hands and not anyone else’s but sadly that’s not the case in our country. Anti-abortion laws and judges who deny requests for abortions are more than just an offense to a girl’s rights on her own body but they also indicate the surreptitious misogyny that is found in our society. A woman’s right to her sexuality, reproductive health, and fertility should not be deprived in any situation, whatsoever. The topic of abortion has always been disputed with each country having different laws and opinions with respect to this matter. In this paper, I will be discussing about denial of abortion in India with specific reference to minor rape victims.

Case Comment: Nitin Jain vs. Enforcement Directorate

Author: Jhimli Ojha

Abstract: As far as relief is concerned it appears to have become infructuous as the defendants have passed an order of attachment during the pendency of the writ petition. Since the petitioner has not made any formal challenge to the order of attachment, the question of the writ petition being dismissed on the ground of alternative remedy clearly does not arise. The court found that on a comprehensive reading of reliefs (2) and (3) it can be established that the petitioner seeks a restraint against the respondent from interfering in the process of liquidation in accordance with the provisions of the IBC notwithstanding the pendency of proceedings under the PMLA.

Electing the Woes of Covid-19

Author: Nandita Saxena

Author: A democracy is a form of government in which the people of the country bear the burden of decision-making in all matters, whether minor or major. If the entire population descends on the ground to execute this function, chaos and confusion will ensue. As a result, a country’s people elect someone among themselves who can comprehend their requirements and provide whatever is required for their progress and flourishing. This process of choosing the worthiest leader who can shoulder such responsibility is done through a process called elections.

Domestic Space Laws: Need of the Hour

Authors: Aditi Bharadwaj and Dhananjay Dubey

Abstract: The outer space industry is moving at an exponential pace and only a few countries are able to cope up in this arena. India, today, is at par with well developed countries such as the United States, Russia, China and France, this reality merely reinforces the logical assumption that India must catch up to these countries in terms of enacting adequate state laws to regulate this area to actually come at par with them. The world today is widened by the possibility and availability of space as a neutral ground for all countries to start afresh the advancement of their nation in a new way.


Author: Somula Varshitha

Abstract: No where in this section as it presently reads, mentions under the IPC modesty was defined. It says that the assault must be sexual in nature. Modesty is again something depends on person to person. There are some people who may very easily get offended on an act which may not affect other people. It is very easy to convict how you objectify an act towards you. I may say something to you, you may get very offended by it, and the same thing to others, they might be okay with it.

Marital Rape In The 21 st Century

Author: Saranya Vinod Prasad

Abstract: Women have invariably been treated as an inferior being in every social equation since ages. A woman’s consent or opinion has always been given the least importance while making any decision; even if it is regarding her own life. So it definitely shouldn’t come as a shock that a woman can be raped and forced to have sex without her consent by her own husband; in a relationship that is supposed to embody love, respect and equality in all aspects of life.

Legal Battles to be faced by Tesla to enter Indian Market

Author: Khuloos Aziz Chawla

Abstract: Tesla is the California based car company belonging to Elon Musk that is specially known for its self-driver cars. The system is cost effective, electric based and solar based. These cars are famous throughout the world for their different concept. This company has its eyes on India, that is considered as the leading market for all types of vehicles. India was asked to lessen its import duties in order to make the entry of Tesla easy. Tesla had shown the intentions to make the automobile sector more enhanced in India, but it faced some major challenges that become the darkness in its path to enter. There are budget issues, taxes, and duties charges along with weak legal framework in context to Artificial Intelligence.