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The coming together of computer networks on one hand and telecommunications on the other has expedited the rise of a common space, termed as ‘cyberspace’. Today, the cyberspace has become one of the most happening places. The use of Internet is increasing in sectors such as banking, communication, education, commerce, research, advertising, as well as in entertainment.

With the development of digital technology and varying times, the use of IT platforms is increasing as almost all the activities are being carried out through it. This has occasioned an augmented quantity of cybercrimes around the world.

However, the cyber law is a branch of law that deals with the provisions to control the cyber-crimes like hacking, cyber theft, infringing copyright, fraud, stalking and violating individual privacy, etc.

Further, cyber law has developed as an arduous career field as it offers abundant job opportunities. The escalation of cyber activities and cyber security has increased the prospects of cyber law students. Cyber law has an extensive scope in the corporate field. Professionals in cyber law are also paid handsomely.

Thus, we can conclude that the scope of cyber law is enormous. Also, due to enlarged use of internet technology, the current cyber world has become a sphere to conduct activities which require erudite professionals to take care against any violations.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Law students aspiring to work in big corporate firms.
  • Law students aspiring to build their practice in this lucrative field.
  • Students who aspire to join law enforcement agencies like CBI.
  • Management officials who are looking to improve cyber-security in their offices.
  • Lawyers who want to specialize in Cyber Law.

Career Opportunities in Cyber Law

Following are a few career options in Cyber Law:

  • Cyber Law Attorney
  • Cyber Law Assistant
  • Cyber law researcher
  • Legal Advisor
  • In-House Counsel

You can easily be employed in various dynamic roles such as:

  • Becoming a legal advisor at the Ministry of Information and Technology of India.
  • One can join various IT firms, police departments as well as banks and become a cyber-consultant.
  • You can also do the job of legal advisors in various web developing companies or cyber security companies.
  • Another option is becoming a research assistant in several government firms and information technology companies.
  • Lastly, one can advise e-commerce companies as well as other tech companies.

Course Features

Quality Content

Get high quality reading material prepared by experts. Gain strong command over concepts with simple and effective language.


Get practice quizzes with every lesson and brush-up your knowledge. Attempt as many times as you like, whenever you feel like it.

Lifetime Access

Revision will never be an issue because you get lifetime access to all resources, quizzes and the bonus module.

Self-Paced Learning

We recommend a time of 30 days to complete the course. But you can take as much time as you like. Study whenever it is convenient for you.

Practice Assignment

A simple written assignment for conceptual clarity. Revise course material through research in question-answer format.

Course Certificate

Become a certified expert from the comfort of your home. Show your potential employers that you mean business. Our digital certificates come with unique IDs that can be verified.

Course Details

  • The duration of this course is 4 weeks (flexible).
  • Course material will be emailed to you the next day after enrollment.
  • You will be provided with reading material for 28 days (4 weeks).
  • There will be a practice quiz every week.
  • You can attempt the practice assignment after completing the modules.
  • Assignment is not compulsory and is for your practice only.
  • Certificate will be issued to you automatically on 28th day.
  • Support Team will be always available over WhatsApp to assist you.

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Bonus Module

Get a Bonus Module with this course on Career Opportunities!

What Our Students Say

Marisha Gawli

Govt. Law College, Mumbai.

“I think Cyber Law is one of the most ought to learn subjects in today’s time when the IT world is upscaling tremendously. The content is precise and covers a wide range of important information. Quizzes are a great way to test our understanding of reading the material. I would recommend this course to my friends and colleagues”

Shubham Jadia

Indore Institute of Law, Indore.

“The quality of reading material was very good. It was written in understandable and in easy way. Got to learn a lot. The team was supportive. I would like to take up more courses by Juris Centre in the future.”

Gowri Padmaja

K.L.E. Society’s Law College, Bengaluru.

“The quality of the reading material was very precise and apt to one’s knowledge. Each and every topic was clearly explained. And not only that, the material  provided helped me in gaining knowledge about Cyber Law not only in India but also in the international arena. The content was made point wise wherever it was required and it made learning very easy.”

Rahil Amin

Central University of Kashmir.

“Cyber Law has been something that always fascinated me. It has a wide scope in India be it in government or private sector. I found the course to be value for money and I will strongly recommend it to my friends and classmates.”

Kanchan Bala

Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.

“The Cyber Law Course provided by Juris Centre was indeed excellent. It was a great learning experience and I hope to get such amazing opportunities in the future as well. The Team provides complete support during the course through WhatApp platform which is so user friendly to clear our doubts at any time.”

Lohith Konda

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.

“Having knowledge on what are all the rights and protections that I have against any misuse of my information has empowered me against online frauds. I am satisfied to be well equipped with knowledge of Cyber Laws because we face issues related to this subject frequently.”

Radhika Jhanwar

U.P.E.S., Dehradun.

“Being a first year law student, I had no idea what Cyber Laws were. After going through the reading material, I have a fair amount of  knowledge about the same. The quizzes were very useful as after reading every day’s material, it provided me with a platform to test my theoretical knowledge. My overall experience with Juris Centre was amazing.”

Syed Hameed Anwar

Agni College of Technology, Chennai.

“I was interested in Cyber Law due to growing instances of online fraud. The five modules of this course helped me master the technicalities of cyber and information technology laws. The course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of budding cyber lawyers and cybersecurity experts. Quizzes were quite valuable. I will definitely recommend this course to my classmates, friends and juniors.”

Niharika Kalyan

U.I.L.S., Panjab University, Chandigarh.

“I have always been attracted towards Cyber Law to make the internet a safer place for all users. The material provided deeper insights into each and every aspect of Cyber Law. It discussed in detail its need and evolution in India and the various legislations related to it. The material was provided on time. The team helped me to clarify all my doubts.”

Unmesh Roy

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur.

“I was very much interested in knowing the do’s & don’ts of cyber-space which we all use in our daily lives. I was surprised by many intricacies in this field. This course helped me understand the laws better. The team was very supportive and this course is really value for money!”

Debika Banarjee

KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar.

“The reading material was brilliant and it provided a great insight into Cyber Crimes and the role of law to protect citizens from the ongoing cyber-crimes. I would definitely recommend this course to my classmates to expand their their outlook in this field and its usage in the practical world.”

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