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Online Certificate Course on Aviation Law

The Aviation sector, at all times, has seemed to be a very remarkable industry in itself. It has gone through swift growth internationally coupled with the use of the excellent and the most advanced technologies.

The growing commercial infrastructure together with economic development of nations forms the back-bone of aviation industry. This is very significant from both managerial as well as legal perspectives.

The escalating growth in the aviation industry with added commercialisation of aero-space technologies has evolved the demand for thousands of skilled individuals to meet the requirements of managing the legal complexities that arises from high-value transactions.

A comparatively new legal specialisation, Aviation Law is known to be a demanding subject. Air Law consists of safety and security laws, environment, structures of air routes, issues of liability, air services regulation, multilateral air treaties, etc. We make this subject easy for our students.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Law students aspiring to work in the airline industry.
  • Law students aspiring to build their practice in this lucrative field.
  • Students aspiring to work in international bodies like ICAO.
  • Airline management officials who are looking to upgrade their skills.
  • Lawyers who want to specialize in Aviation Law.

Career Opportunities in Aviation Law

Following are a few career options in Aviation Law:

  • Law firms or consulting firms with an Aviation and Space Law practice.
  • Legal departments of airports, airlines and aerospace companies.
  • Civil aviation authorities like DGCA and ICAO.
  • Ministries of transportation.
  • Space organisations like ISRO and NASA.
  • Academia. This is a newer area of study and there is a great demand for skilled teachers.

Course Features

Quality Content

Get high quality reading material prepared by experts. Gain strong command over concepts with simple and effective language.


Get practice quizzes with every lesson and brush-up your knowledge. Attempt as many times as you like, whenever you feel like it.

Lifetime Access

Revision will never be an issue because you get lifetime access to all resources, quizzes and the bonus module.

Self-Paced Learning

We recommend a time of 30 days to complete the course. But you can take as much time as you like. Study whenever it is convenient for you.

Practice Assignment

A simple written assignment for conceptual clarity. Revise course material through research in question-answer format.

Course Certificate

Become a certified expert from the comfort of your home. Show your potential employers that you mean business. Our digital certificates have unique IDs that can be verified.

Course Details

  • The duration of this course is 4 weeks (flexible).
  • Course material will be emailed to you the next day after enrollment.
  • You will be provided with reading material for 28 days (4 weeks).
  • There will be a practice quiz every week.
  • You can attempt the practice assignment after completing the modules.
  • Assignment is not compulsory and is for your practice only.
  • Certificate will be issued to you automatically on 28th day.
  • Support Team will be always available over WhatsApp to assist you.

Fee: INR 349 only

What Our Students Say

Nandeni Pundir

Amity Law School, Delhi.

“Aviation Law is a very different and interesting aspect of law. This course does justice to the subject. The reading material was very interesting and easy to read. One who is interested in Aviation Law should definitely take up this course. It’s very helpful!”


Himachal Pradesh University.

“I like aircrafts since my childhood so I was naturally interested in this course. This course was up to my expectations. The simple language of material could be understood easily. I think anyone who has even a little interest in aircrafts should enroll for this course.” 

N Vaishnavi

Kristu Jayanti College, Karnataka.

“I found the quizzes to be the most useful part of experience because it had good questions. Even for wrong answers, it showed the mistakes so that I could correct myself. I would love to enroll in more courses by Juris Centre. I recommend this course to my peers.”

Unmesh Roy

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur.

“This topic mesmerizes me every time. Aviation has its own charm. Therefore, this course was perfect for me. I liked that there were quizzes attached with every module. I thank Juris Centre for providing me with this opportunity.”

Prakriti Suthar

Manipal University, Jaipur.

“The quality of the reading material was too good. It provided me with all the answers to my doubts. The quizzes were really useful. It was a great experience as the Team was always ready to resolve all my queries. I recommend this course to anyone seeking knowledge of Aviation Law.”


Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

“I always had an interest in exploring Aviation Law. I recently came across this certificate course by Juris Centre. After enrollment, I was Provided with a set of study materials which were very helpful. The modules are well analyzed and the content covers all the aspects.”

Anoushka Mukhia

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, Bengaluru.

“The reading materials provided to me by Juris Center were really informative. It covered all the concerned topics. The quizzes provided after every module were really helpful to test our knowledge. I recommend this course to my friends and classmates.”

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