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Essentiality of Hijab as a Religious Practice

Religion is incapable of definition but the Indian courts have endeavoured to define what constitutes the essential practices in a religion. The controversies around the Karnataka High Court judgement approving the state’s order of banning the Headscarves (hijab) in classrooms have given rise to an important question of law, Should Judges have power to decide […]

New Health Warnings on Tobacco Products

Tobacco utilization is a significant general wellbeing concern and a test in India since 33% of grown-ups are dependent on tobacco utilization in its various structures. Tobacco use is intensely well established as social and, surprisingly, conventional practice in our general public. Despite the fact that there are numerous regulations limiting tobacco utilization in India, […]

Right to be Forgotten: A Fundamental Right? 

As we can see, social media has a stronghold over us in the modern world. A person’s internet presence is often used to define their existence. The virtual world has frequently begun to determine a person’s trustworthiness in this reality. We now have access to the most personal data of both good and bad people’s […]