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Same-Sex Relationships and their  Legal Conundrum in India

Through the years, the LGBTQ+ community has been subjected to several genders and sexual identity prejudice. The queer community has gained constitutional recognition and social acceptance in several countries across the world. Marriage is considered to be an essential part of every person’s life and a fundamental right under Article 21[1]. Even the freedom to […]

Right to Abortion in the US

Abortion Rights Ends in the US As Supreme Court Changed Clock Back 50 Years In Washington, the US Supreme Court on Friday ended the right to abortion and overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade[1] ruling that accepted abortion as a constitutional right. The US Supreme Court ruling is on abortion and on Women’s health and […]

Marxist Approach to International Relations

First, we will try to understand the basic ideology and principles of Karl Marx. Marx was of the view that history progresses through the clashes of Matter. He opined that changes that occur in Economic base of the society leads to the change in socio- political- cultural Superstructure. As Mode of Production has changed in […]