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Article 19 and Political Communique

The freedom of expression and speech is at the heart of any civilized state that professes to be democratic in spirit and ethos. This freedom of expression is critical in electoral democracy for voters, lawmakers, and political parties. Although freedom of speech and expression of political parties is not recognized individually in India, as with […]

Insider Trading

The SEBI has a significant amount of power, and with the assistance of the legislature, it is in a decent position to address future dangers to investors’ confidence, financial integrity, and indeed the Indian economy.[1]  This is because the legislature has given SEBI permission to deal with these issues. Regulations on insider trading are one […]

Role of Juvenile Justice System in India

Article 39(f) of the Directive Principles of State Policy[1] particularly introduces prohibition of exploitation of children against moral and material abandonment. The juvenile justice system aims to provide an environment where children are safe and utilises the theory of retribution. The juvenile justice system is founded on the idea that children and young people are […]